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First Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) project in the UAE

The first Roller compacted concrete (RCC) project executed in UAE thru a strategic partnership with a local road contractor. CEMEX UAE was able to deliver significant savings for the client both on material and construction cost when compared with traditional asphalt solutions. 

First RCC project in the UAE

RCC Project Charcoal Factory | Abu Dhabi

Client was able to open the area to light traffic on the next day and even in some areas heavy vehicles were able to circulate just after 72 hrs or finishing the area. Client is studying the possibility of using RCC for upcoming projects and also has invited local authorities to witness the benefits of our solutions.

RCC is simple, fast and economical to install as it doesn’t contain any steel reinforcement, neither does it require formwork or finishing. Significant savings of up to 30% can be achieved over a traditional pavement construction. The high strength of an RCC pavement eliminates common problems that have traditionally been associated with other pavement types. CX RCC is more resistant to rutting, is capable of withstanding heavy concentrated loads and is immune to low or high temperature extremes. To know more about RCC, please click here and if you want to send us an inquiry, click here.

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